Poker770 and MagicHoldem strengthen partnership

We are happy to announce that Poker770 has consolidated its partnership with MagicHoldem, a company dedicated to educating poker players around the world using a variety of products and tools.Very soon, players will be able to educate themselves for free on Poker770 thanks to MagicHoldem multimedia learning guide. The room wants to provide their players [...]

That was sly :(

Chris Sly was chatting with best pal Sam Trickett and filled us in regarding the details of his elimination as well. He had 18k left and got it in with Ace-Queen versus Pocket Fives on the Flop A-Q-5 … he will re-enter tomorrow though.Mister Hendon Mob Joe Beevers is up to 70k after he just [...]

The plan for the rest of the day

The plan for the rest of the day

We will be playing a total of 9 levels of 60 minutes each and there will be a split dinner break after the end of level 4, John Eames and Praz Bansi don’t need to wait that long anymore because both have already been eliminated on Day 1 of the WPT Ireland 2012. The tables [...]

Shuffle up and deal!

Shuffle up and deal!

A few minutes ago all players took their seats at the Casino de Spa and so far we have about 160 participants. All start with 5,000 in Chips and the blind levels last 15 minutes, there will be a short break after one hour of play when everyone can go for a smoke or drink.The [...]

Dinnerbreak, run it twice

One of the organizers just announced: the dinner-break will be done twice. The reason is simple: if Burlington has a capacity enough to play 600 players, he can not feed them all at once. Therefore, tables 1 to 37 will going on dinnerbreak at the end of Level 4, while the others play level 5, and vice [...]

Daniel Pidun Eliminated in 9th Place (€45,000)

Daniel Pidun Eliminated in 9th Place (€45,000)EPT Berlin 2011 has its final table set!It was once chip leader Daniel Pidun who hit the rail in 9th place, picking up a big hand shortly after all the remaining players had been seated around the same table. He three-bet (375,000) from the blind and original raiser Armin [...]

Fabrice Soulier Eliminated in 11th Place (€36,000)

Fabrice Soulier Eliminated in 11th Place (€36,000)

Fabrice Soulier Eliminated in 11th Place (€36,000)Max Heinzelmann min-raised from the button and Vadzim Kursevich called in the small blind, as did Fabrice Soulier in the big. They all three saw a flop.Flop: It checked around to Heinzelmann who continuation-bet 145,000. Kursevich called, but Soulier now had a little tank and then check-raised to 425,000 with [...]

We have a break of 15 minutes – quick update

Photo: Close-up stack of Koen De Visscher43 players are still fighting to be with the last 24, including our Pro Poker Player Team770: Koen De Visscher (Belgium), now 835,000 chips.Bruno Martin, the last in the race of France, has 178,000 chipsThe blinds go up to 4000 - 8000 with an 800 ante.The next round will be a decisive round. With only [...]

WSOP 2010 – Main Event: the November Nine

The “November Nine” -  photo: Seth Palansky@WSOPIt took the best part of two weeks for the initial field of 7,319 players in the Main Event to be reduced to only nine. The 10 remaining players had already played for over 6 hours, to get to the most coveted final table on the international poker circuit. [...]