Gwendoline Janot eliminated in 6th place

In the very next hand, Gwendoline Janot moved all-in preflop for 5 Big Blinds and Jakub Michalak in the Big Blind made the call:

Janot: 10 7
Michalak: A 2

The Frenchwoman had two live cards but the Board 9 5 Q 9 3 did not help her and she becomes the first casualty on the Final Table. With regular payout she would have only received 73,000€ but thanks to the deal she gets more than 3 times of it.


Chip Counts of the last 5 players

PositionPlayerChip Count
1Jakub Michalak13,150,000
2Peter Linton9,270,000
3Nick Hicks6,945,000
4Alban Juen5,755,000
5Xavier El Fassy4,925,000