El Fassy moves up, Michalak dominates

In a battle of the Blinds, Nick Hicks raised with A 5 and Jakub Michalak only flatted in the Big Blind with A 6 to see the Heads-Up Flop 8 K K. Michalak bet 320k after the check of his opponent, both checked the 6 on the Turn and the River 7 brought the nutflush for the Chipleader who did not get any further Chips out of it as Hicks folded to his River bet.

Peter Linton raised to 325k from the Button with J 9 and then folded to a quick check-raise from Xavier El Fassy in the Blinds on the Flop J 5 10. The Frenchman had Q 9 and quite a few outs to improve, add the tight image as well and the top pair does no longer look as fine.

El Fassy won two further pots with Q 10 and a Pair of Kings where he rivered a Full House but was never gonna get any value of the busted open ender from Peter Linton. He is now up to more than 7 Million and moved up to third place in Chip Count, surpassing Nick Hicks at 5.29 Million. Jakub Michalak is way ahead with 18 Million and he has double the Chips of Peter Linton in second place.