Liar Liar, pants on fire!

The action on the table wasn’t exciting enough as of lately and it was time for yet another crazy bluff, however this time it went through and left his opponent pretty aggravated. There was a limp from Early Position and an opponent in middle position calls as well before Jean Marie Vandeborne raises it up from the Button. Both opponents make the call at Blinds 250-500 / Ante 50 and we see a Flop A Q Q, where the action gets checked to our 770 Pro.

He bets 1,500 (less than one third of the pot) and only the Limper calls, on the Turn 9 he donkbets 4,000 and it is time to tell another chapter in the story: Raise to 9,000. His opponent calls behind and on the blank River, Jean Marie goes all-in. His opponent asks twice if he shows, at first “I never show” … but after some more small talk he agreed to show and the opponent open folds K Q for a flopped set. The 770 Pro flips over J 2 ….. new stack: 60.000 Chips and huge equity to get paid off on the next decent hand.