The Spa experience for Sonja Kovac

We are down to the last 4 tables already but just caught up with Sonja Kovac about the tournament and her experience at the tables. She busted after a 3bet shove preflop and was well ahead with Ace-Jack, but her opponent flopped the straight with A-3 and there was no help anymore for a possible split pot on Turn and River.

The experience at the tables was different that usual and all players had fun and enjoyed it, considering that it was a Freeroll, the standard of play was fine and even dealing in person created a friendly atmosphere. She will be staying until Monday and do some more interviews with the final 8 players for today that you can soon enjoy on this blog as well

Koen de Visscher also just busted when he re-shoved all-in for 7 Big Blind with 3-3 (under the gun shoved for 2 Big Blind), unfortunately one player behind him woke up with Ace-Queen and was doomed as well because a new Chipleader emerged with Aces in the Blinds and took out all 3 players!

From the Pro team, only Jean Marie Vandeborne is still left and he tripled up with A A against A K and K K, however this big stack won’t last for long as the Blinds increase very fast. All 24 remaining players are now on the 3rd break for today and we will be back shortly, the last level saw Blinds at 2,000-4,000.