Dinnerbreak and we are in the money!

We didn’t even make 3 level yet today, when we finally hit the bubble and game has been paused now. The good news first: Yann Enzinger is still in, even though he pretty much dropped back to his original starting stack at the beginning of Day 2 and is now around 90k.

The blinds already reached 4000-8000 / Ante 1000 and you could feel the tension in the air, we witnessed many sick bluffs on the bubble and red faces when they got caught. 29th place was reserved for Pedro Ferrero when he could not connect with his A Q against the K K of Dan Morgan. There should be two more all-in situations without a final decision, when a very short stacked Thomas Traboulsi was all-in for his last 1k.

We have witnessed quite a few bubble plays but this one was probably the most funny one, considering that Traboulsi barely shut up at the tables and even called the clock on opponents a few times as well. The whole table called his all-in and they checked down, just way too many bullets he had to dodge and his 6-6 could not outlast when one of the players hit the higher pair with K-T.

After that hand, the tournament directed sent off all players into anextended dinner break since all Spanish want to watch the Champions League Final Manchester United vs FC Barcelona. Thus, game will only resume around 22.30 local time and we also gonna grab something to eat now.