A couple further eliminations

It took more than two hours after the bubble burst to lose another player, but this was obviously caused by the extended dinner break to watch the Champions League final. Now that game has resumed again, the action is pretty sick and we lost a couple more players on the way to the final table.

First elimination was Raul Arza Pino in 23rd place, when he went all in with 8 8 and it was a typical coinflip against Alexander Sidorin with A 10 – the board ran out 7 7 5 J A and Pino could walk to the cashier to collect his 4.500€. Michele D’Aniello busted shortly after that before Barbara Martinez was sent to the rail.

At first she doubled up through Artur Koren with A-K vs 5-6 and the very next hand Koren put her all-in again and she called with pocket Jacks. It was a flip against Ace Ten, however an Ace on the board put an end to the WPT experience for Martinez and she is out in 21st place.

Barbara Martinez

Dan Morgan busted as last player from the UK against Szymon Pieszczoch when his 9s only had to outlast the river against K-Q but a Queen sealed the hand for Pieszczoch and Morgan was out in 20th place. A few moments later, Loic Sa moved all-in from the button with K 4 and Guillem Usero on the Big Blind snapcalled with A 10 .

Board: J J 9 Q 2

Loic Sa - 19th (4.500€)